Silo Upgrades | Silo Lid Openers
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Silo Lid Openers

Never climb those old silos again.

We professionally fit our own specially made spring loaded system designed through many years of experience. This converts your silos, where you were required to climb up and open the centre fill lid, to a ground level operated lid opening system.


Never overflow your silos again.

Sight panels can be fitted to any location (eg front, back, top, bottom) of the silo safely with the use of our mobile cherry pickers (no fee) by one of our experienced team.  As many or as few can be fitted, depending on what you require.

Clearly visible from ground level and suitable for all weather conditions.

All parts are galvanised for longevity and water proofed using polyurethane sealant/adhesive where necessary.

Adaptable for all silos, with fitting done on site.


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