Silo Upgrades | Silo Improvements & Repairs | Brocklesby, New South Wales
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Silo Upgrades offers a wide range of improvements to eliminate the risks associated with on farm grain storage.

With a fully mobile service covering all states of Australia your silos are never too far away. The implementation of just a couple of improvements can greatly reduce your need to climb or enter a silo.


Lid Openers

We professionally fit our own specially made spring loaded system designed through many years of experience.

Sealing & Waterproofing

Convert your old standard grain silos into fully sealed gastight silos.

Leg Extensions

Increase the ground to chute clearance of your silos. Legs are custom made to suit all silo types.

Manholes & Reriveting

Fitted into the base cone of your silo, these allow easy access for cleaning or checking the condition when empty.

Phosphine Dispenser

Phosphine Dispensers can be fitted into the wall or bottom cone of the silo to allow for easy ground level fumigation.

Centre Empty Chutes

Eliminate shoveling and the need to enter a silo with the removal of the old hopper.

Wide Range of Improvements

  • Ground Operated Lid Openers
  • Sight Panels
  • Manholes
  • Phosphine Dispensers
  • Leg Extensions
  • Centre Emptying Chutes
  • Ladder Safety Doors
  • Pellet Blower Pipes
  • Re-riveting
  • Grain Shed Holes
  • Roof Vents

Improvements and Repairs

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