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About Us

Silo Upgrades specialises in a wide range of improvements to eliminate the risks associated with on farm grain storage.


With over 25years of agricultural experience, Chris Lloyd, registered business owner and operator, knows exactly what is required to keep your enterprise working safer and smarter. Having a fully mobile service covering the north east, eastern and southern states of Australia, your silos are never too far away.


The implementation of just a couple of improvements can greatly reduce your need to climb or enter a silo.

The importance of this is highlighted with a WorkSafe spokeswoman saying six out of 10 workplace fatalities this year had occurred on farms. This is a result of the aging farm population and the need for younger, less experienced help. Also, contributing to this is the conservative Labour state budget which the rural sector draws from. This funding provides necessary training programs for adventurous and enthusiastic, young and inexperienced people seeking employment in the agricultural field. Therefore reducing risks around the farm is essential and easier than many think.


Silos are considered a major area of concern, due to working at heights, confined spaces and toxic chemicals, which are all hazardous to everyone working with and around them Рincluding your family members and visitors.  We convert your older style silos, where you need to climb up and open the awkward centre lid, to a ground operated lid opening mechanism. Using our experience we have designed and constructed a fully galvanised system that is adaptable for all silo brands and types. We also fit sight panels, manholes, ladder safety doors, self emptying chutes and warning signage.

The implementation of just a couple of improvements can greatly reduce your need to climb or enter a silo.

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